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Gundam SEED Eclipse Eclipse Gundam Master Grade 1:100 Scale Model Kit

Gundam SEED Eclipse Eclipse Gundam Master Grade 1:100 Scale Model Kit

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  • Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Gundam SEED is this transformable Gundam from the SEED MSV project! A customized M1 Astray utilizing technology borrowed from the Freedom that Kira had been using, this Eclipse Gundam was officially mass produced as the Murasame in Gundam SEED Destiny and combines the tech of the Earth, Orb, and ZAFT forces allowing its body to be able use the Striker, Silhouette, and Wizard packs.  Following the lore, this model kit utilizes portions from the MG Freedom 2.0 including its tri-color motif. Includes rifle that can be changed to a sword form as well as beam shield with effect parts. The Gundam SEED Eclipse Eclipse Gundam Master Grade 1:100 Scale Model Kit measures about 7 1/2-inches tall. Ages 15 and up.

The internal skeletal frame features layers of mechanical truss detail accentuated via different colors, including silver, gray, and gold, with multiple parts combined to form unique shapes. The outer armor features plastic in different finishes such as silver plating, chrome plating, and gold plating, plus a different number of materials that include aluminum parts for the head vulcans and backpack verniers, metallic 3D stickers, and sticker photo-etch parts for high levels of detail. A magnet system - the first ever in Gunpla - supports the massive shield on to the arm, while numerous maintenance hatches all over the RX-78-2 can be opened to showcase the highly detailed internal mechanisms.

The kit includes a beam rifle, 2 beam sabers, a shield, a transforming core fighter, Sayla (standing), Amuro (1 standing, 2 sitting) figures, multiple fixed-pose handsets, an LED unit, a magnet set, aluminum parts, photo-etch stickers, metallic 3D stickers, other stickers, and an instruction manual.

The ultimate Gunpla building experience that encapsulates 40 years of GunPla has arrived! Since the first Gunpla released in 1980, new experimental methods of assembly and part molding have been continuously developed, leading to this Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78-2 Gundam Perfect Grade Unleashed 1:60 Scale Model Kit, the culmination of the Gunpla Evolution Project started in 2015 to set new standards in model kits.
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